Fibre Reinforcement Concrete

Ready Mix Tees Valley Fibre Concrete

Ready Mix Tees Valley supply a range of concrete mixes containing fibre reinforcement. The inclusion of the fibres significantly improves the concrete performance and durability. Fibre Reinforcement is an inexpensive, fast and safe alternative to traditional mesh reinforcement.


    Suggested Applications

    • External PavingĀ 
    • Internal Concrete Floors
    • NHBC Housing Oversites
    • Access Road and Utility sites
    • Docks and Container Yards
    • Marine and Coastal Applications

    Benefits of Plastic Reinforced Concrete

    • Reduced construction costs over traditional steel reinforcement
    • Reduced handling and installing time of the mesh
    • Associated problems with steel rusting eliminated
    • No issues with placement
    • Reduction in Health & Safety risk associated with installing mesh

    Macro Synthetic Fibre Reinforcement Concrete

    Macro synthetic fibres are a cost-effective solution to replacing mesh or rebar reinforcement. The fibres are premixed with the concrete allowing good placement and 3-dimensional reinforcement throughout the depth of the concrete.

    By eliminating the mesh, construction time is reduced by not having to cut, fix and tie in the mesh reinforcement. The premixed fibre reinforced concrete can be placed quickly with minimum labour required.

    The structural fibres are a polymer-based material and not susceptible to rusting and associated problems which contribute towards the spalling of concrete.



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