Liquid Screed Concrete

Longfloor Liquid Screed ConcreteĀ 


Calcium Carbonate

Longcliffe has traded for 90 years and supplies half a million tonnes of calcium carbonate (pure limestone) dried and milled powders every year


Product Quality

Longcliffe employs its own equipment and staff at every stage in order to provide traceability and product quality

Longfloor is manufactured in a state of the art new plant near Matlock in Derbyshire

Longfloor is a division of Longcliffe Quarries, the largest independent producer of pure calcium carbonates in the UK

Longcliffe calcium carbonate powder, the base for Longfloor, is exceptionally pure and is supplied for glass manufacture and animal feeds

The raw material powders are selected, ground and classified with production checks at every stage. Specialist lab equipment is used hourly to determine particle size distribution and chemistry

Longfloor binder is manufactured in a purpose built state of the art milling and blending facility. Chemical reagents and admixtures addition is a careful process involving in weight feeders and automatic starvation alarms. This ensures that all products contain precisely the intended formulation

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